The Tea Party
Vol: 5


In this inspiring album, follow along as an African man reveals his travels to China, in search of a master teacher to learn the secrets of the Shaolin Monks and discover the ancient art of tea making. Experience his journey as he takes on the challenge of becoming a Shaolin Monk and a Tea Master. In this inspiring album, he shares his knowledge and newfound appreciation for the power of tea and its ability to heal, energize and revive those who drink it.

Ozorne Bio

Ozorne - Southern African Beatsmith and Producer Ozorne (O³) is a beatsmith and studio producer originally from Eswatini, a country located in Southern Africa. He is known for his unique contemporary compositions that are heavily influenced by a multitude of cultural styles, while still remaining true to his roots in Hip Hop instrumentals. Additionally, his music is renowned for its meditative qualities and Lo-fi texture and aesthetics.

Ozorne has an uncanny ability to create calming and deeply emotional music that offers a space for reflection and unwinding. His peers have often described his music as "classic", a testament to his album composition style and track arrangements.

Ozorne first began releasing his music in 2013 with his album 'The Tea Party Vol: 1', which was later followed by three more installations in the series. He also released an inspired EP called 'The Jupiterian' before releasing his latest installment, 'The Tea Party Vol: 5.'

Overall, Ozorne is a highly talented and innovative music producer who continues to push the boundaries of traditional Hip Hop instrumentals and modern Lo-fi music styles.

Inspiration behind the album

During my gap year in 2011, I found myself exploring the depths of Zen and martial arts in Cape Town. Living like a true warrior, I made Herbal Chinese Tea my go-to beverage, alongside water. I was a full fledged pescetarian. I meditated and trained vigorously, both inside and outside the dojo. This lifestyle changed my life forever.

As time flew by, I realized that I stood at a crossroad, pondering my future after leaving Cape Town. One path led to China, where I could become a Shaolin monk and master the art of tea, whereas the other led to Durban, where I could cement my studies in visual art and animation to earn an official artist's license.

Choosing an adventure in China as a monk, dedicating the rest of my life to mastering myself through physical training and meditation, proved too high a price to sacrifice my creative freedom- after all, creating was in my bones.

But I do wonder sometimes what my life would have been like had I chosen the life of a warrior. Although I didn't set foot in China, I still relive that experience through The Tea Party Vol:5, and I am committed to sharing that experience with you, dear reader.

Why The Tea Party?

My journey into martial arts didn't stem from pop culture, nor from those old Kung Fu Bruce Lee movies we all adored growing up. Would you believe me if I told you it all began with a simple cup of tea?

Yes, that's right. Tea was my gateway to the world of martial arts. I've always been deeply fascinated by health, longevity, and how we can enrich our lives with simple changes to our lifestyle. This drove me to delve into the intricacies of tea and aspire to become a true Tea Master someday.

Hence, the Tea Party series was born. Chinese herbal teas are well-known for their high antioxidant content, making them beneficial for prolonging our life. Monks, who lead a rather rigorous life, have incorporated tea into their lifestyle to unlock superhuman abilities.

While you and I may not choose to tread in the footsteps of a monk, we can surely benefit from drinking herbal tea. Be it Green, Wulong, White, or any other kind of tea, it's all good for you! Incorporating martial arts into my life has elevated my physical and mental being, adding a layer of discipline and focus. It's been an immensely empowering journey, and one that has helped me find balance and purpose. I urge you to explore tea.

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